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Outside The Box is where Food Plant Engineering's creative team shares knowledge that'll help your business; perspectives on the latest food industry trends; and facility design and operation ideas that may be, well, a bit more inventive.

12 November 2021

Resourceful Food Processors Plan While Supply Chain Stalls

Supply chain woes may have limited your ability to meet a rising demand for your product. And labor shortages—already a problem pre-pandemic—have worsened the situation for everyone in the food...
20 October 2021

Food Companies Offer Lessons in Sustainability

“Improved performance through sustainability,” the achievement lauded by ProFood World’s Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Awards, sounds like a lofty goal. Yet after listening to the presentations of this year’s winners at PMMI’s PACK EXPO (Sept. 27-29), what struck me wasn’t so much the...
20 October 2021

How to Navigate Pack Expo Like a Pro

It is, in fact, the world’s largest packaging and processing show, with 2,500 exhibitors eager to showcase their equipment, services and expertise. So if you’re among the 5...
14 September 2021

USDA Appendices Updates, Straight from AAMP

When the USDA says that they’re moving toward a science-based approach for Appendices A&B revisions, you might think to yourself, “well, what the heck were we doing all this time?” The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) highlighte...
14 September 2021

Three Facility Fixes that Fail … and how to make things right

FPE project managers explain common pitfalls and provide alternative solutions to help maintain food safety in your facility. The good. The bad. And the ugly. If you’ve been through enough food processing facilities, you’ve seen it all. And we ha...
14 September 2021

5S Sanitation for Food Plants

Lean sanitation is more than just equipment hygiene; 5S, a five-step sanitation procedure, is intended to treat your plant’s work space as a second home through common housekeeping etiquette. If you’re managing a food plant, nothing is more impo...
14 September 2021

Blockchain for the business-minded: Food Trust is just the beginning

IBM Food Trust is designed to improve product traceability from farm to fork, but its most publicized applications have come from partnerships with big names like Walmart and Tyson. What about the rest of us stuck at “Blockchain for Businesses 101...
14 September 2021

Manufacturing Interest v. an Interest in Manufacturing

For manufacturing sectors like the food industry, now’s the time to capitalize on impending job vacancies and educate a new generation and current employees on automation. The food industry is the oasis in a manufacturing desert. As fewer sectors...
14 September 2021

Scaling Up Food Facilities

You’ve got a great-tasting product and you want to share it with the world. Perhaps you’ve been handling production yourself in a small kitchen, but you need more capacity because demand is increasing. Ho...

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